Hypno-Zone Therapy has evolved through the understanding of Reflexology, Foot Reading and Hypnotherapy. By combining the three therapies. I studied the Hypnozone therapy course with Marie Delph of www.blueskytherapies.co.uk during lockdown #1 this year and I'm currently studying Karl Smith's Kinetic Shift to add to the fun! I have unashamedly copied a lot of Marie's Hypnozone Therapy to help explain it all to you - it's ok I got permission

We start with a relaxing, re- balancing Reflexology session with visualisation techniques and Hypnotherapy, enabling you to feel much more in control of the session and, therefore, much more relaxed and open to positive suggestions. There are many, many visual clues in the appearance of the feet as to where the stress is manifesting within the body. By reading these clues and adjusting each session to address the issues presented, I can help to not only re-balance the body and induce homeostasis but address and adjust detrimental thought processes at the same time. This pioneering technique is incredibly powerful in helping clients to combat their stress and anxiety - after just one or two sessions they are able to recognise their stress patterns and allow their subconscious mind to regain control of their thoughts.

As Reflexologists we regularly induce a Hypnotic state, or a deep relaxation. Whilst this is obviously conducive to a therapeutic treatment, this effect can and should be utilised and exploited to enable us to use the subconscious mind to reach a new depth of treatment. For many clients there is an emotional cause or reaction to their illness or problem, as Reflexologists we know that we can help with the mechanics of the issue but what of the emotional impact of the issue? By using simple Hypnotherapy techniques we can help the client to address emotional responses at the same time as treating the symptoms. Given the correct tools we can also address physical discomfort, pain and restriction.

Hypno-Zone Therapy has proved to be effective when treating Stress, Anxiety, PTSD, Depression, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Infertility, IBS, Migraine, Arthritis and many more issues. The suggestions I use are simple, positive and empowering, each one tailored to the client on the day of treatment and to the clues I see in their feet and the symptoms they present with on that day. The technique is conducted bi-laterally, focusing on sedation of the limbic system in the beginning, with gentle visualisation and relaxation, then followed by a sequence designed to access all affected areas, using linking techniques and light touch.