Cancellation Policy

This is really not a nice addition to the website but unfortunately implementing a cancellation policy has now become a necessity.

I will send you a message you the day before your scheduled appointment, confirming the date and time.
If you cannot make your appointment for any reason (even if you just don’t feel like it) please just tell me then! This enables me to offer your slot to someone else and I can keep an effective cancellation list running – something quite a few of you rely on.

Should you confirm your appointment but don’t arrive, I will expect full payment for the missed appointment and future appointments will have to be paid for in advance.

For last minute cancellations (within 24 hours) 50% of the treatment cost will be requested, please. Many of you already pay this voluntarily, in fact most of you pay for the lost treatment in full and it is very much appreciated.

I understand that we all make mistakes/forget/life gets in the way so I’m hoping by sending out a reminder the day before your appointment we can avoid an awkward situation.

Should you fall ill or you have an emergency of course I’ll understand, just please keep me informed!

Thank you