"My name is Karen McStraw. I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease in my neck and lower back a few years ago.This decreased my mobility and left me dependant on painkillers to move around.
I consulted Estelle, who went through my medical history. She was very professional and tailor built a specific programme to suit my needs.
Estelle's friendly, caring attitude made me feel very relaxed. She explained to me in detail how the aim of my programme was to stimulate my body's own natural healing process.
Through a combination of Sports Massage and Reiki,I felt the positive effects immediately and further into the programme,I was free of all analgesics.
I do not have any major problems with my mobility now and also have the added bonus of feeling more energised.
I no longer need the intensive therapy I intially received, but continue to consult Estelle on a regular basis.Her follow-up care is excellent and I feel that I can contact her anytime.Estelle's positive approch to any problem always makes you feel at ease,an essential skill when your choosing a therapist."

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