Sports Massage/Injuries

"Sports injuries" don't necessarily always happen when you are playing sport!

A sports/remedial massage means a different thing to every person.

I describe it as a massage to help correct a chronic injury - for example frozen shoulder, torticollis (wry neck), repetitive strain injuries, housemaid's knee (a common complaint for builders!).

Sports/remedial massage can also refer to a deeper tissue massage than a "beauty" massage.  Even better for ridding the body of toxins and promoting a healthier body and lifestyle and in fact for helping the body rid itself of cellulite.

Remember I treat each client as an individual so each session is catered to your needs....I have no set routine!  I will let you know what I intend to do before I start the massage, and throughout the treatment I will check if you are comfortable etc.

You will be required to remove clothing - this is inevitable, but your modesty will be preserved at all times.

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