Holistic Massage

Why Get a Massage?

Imagine a long day sitting at a desk. Your back is killing you, your shoulders are stiff and your head is throbbing.   General tiredness, repetitive movements, muscle strain, or staying at your desk for too long could cause any or maybe all of these symptoms.  Its your body's way of saying "I need a massage"!

Massage can:

Reduce lower back pain and other bodily aches

Take the tension out of aching shoulders

Increase range of motion in joints

Decrease illness-related fatigue

Decrease depression

Alleviate sleep disorders

and many more emotional and physical problems.

What is holistic massage?

In brief "holistic" means treating the body as a whole. 

On our initial appointment, I will give you a questionnaire which asks details of your medical history, your lifestyle, stress levels etc.

I can then formulate a treatment plan and all you have to do is relax and enjoy the massage.

For relaxation massages, I bring an i-pod and dock with me to your treatments for some extra R and R, but please feel free to either turn it off or make some alternative suggestions! 

Appointments generally last between 60 and 90 minutes - as I treat everyone as an individual I have no set routine.  This also gives us time for a chat :-)


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